Thursday, October 18, 2007



Friday, October 12, 2007

computer I

in my experience, ive earn alots of learning like this, making a blog. all my quizzes here in computer are all passed except for the last because i dont have enough time to review my lessons. mrs.joan pinon is a very cool professor. she never get mad on us. all the discussion in our room are average meaning if you listen you will understand if not you cannot. the best thing we should do is listen, understand and remember.

college life

when im in 4th year highschool, i am very excited to feel the college life. now listen!!!!!
at first the enrollment is very tiring. some people lose their patience and its also greedy from start to finish, but when im done, there is something in my heart i cant explain. first day of school and im so excited to meet new friends, i wondering why only four professor attended in our classroom, i remember"im in college na pala". in college life if you want to recite or say anything you dont have to stand in front of your classmates, you can leave as many subject as you can, and repeat all of your failed subject as much as you have plenty of money. but im not like that. in every discussion in our classroom i always listen well. if theres a quiz the next day, i review our past lesson, and yet i passed it. in college there are copious requirments to complete and now im doing one, yes this blog. im only freshmen but i think as days goes by i will have a great experience in college life.

wiki...... is a very usefull site, it helps alot specially on my homework "copy/paste". as a student it is very important for me to have a reference in my studies, assignment, and research paper. in my experience its easy for me to do my homework. type what you want to know and just for a seconds its there.alot of information you will get and know there. imagine living without wiki? its hustle for finding something. wiki is made for the people who wants to know more, learn more and explore more.

Wednesday, September 19, 2007


wazz up my friend! its me DINDO CENTENO, 16 year of old, living at nangka marikina city. i like friends who are game anytime, talkative, self expressive and a good listener that i can takl normaly. i am so virtuous person, i gave respect for those who deserve it. like fire i am willing to bestow my warm for those people doesnt have any company. i am a strong person that not allow anyone to bring me down. "i can stand alone" all of you have dreams in life and i also have. i want to reach my hierarchy of needs, help other people who are suffering from poverty and be famous in the field of the corporate world. i dont like people who are descriminating others thinking that they are special, back fighter, fool, kill joy, and "ksp" or "pam pam". since elementary i want tolessen the bad guys in this material world. yes i want! i want to put rules on my hand. im finding for true friends and love once. i hope you can help me.!!!! (any reccomendation)